Saturday, February 18, 2012

Play Kissan Contest:Get Assured Tomato Seeds Packet to Every one+Lots of Prizes

Play kissan contest and get a assured packet of tomato seeds to every participant and 100 lucky winners could win lots of cool gifts from kissan.this contest is organized by hindustan unilever limited.after getting the tomato seeds you have to plant these seeds in your garden or pots.
This contest have 3 steps:
1.You have to plant these seeds in pot/garden.
2.Sprout the plants.
3.Click the picture of the plants when the fruits come on them.
How to get the free seeds:
1.Click here to go to order your free seeds.
2.Click on want tomato seed buble.
3.Fill up your shipping details and submit it.
4.After receiving seeds follow the above 3 steps.
5.Click the picture of these 3 stages and upload to the website and if you are lucky one then you can won some gift also.

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Get Free New Year 2012 Desktop Calenders From Johnson Baby

Note:this offer is only for first 5000 momies so hurry.
Get your 2012 new year desktop calender from johnson baby india.after the clear & clear calender giveaway this is another chance for you to get a new year desktop calender for you in return you have to just complete a small survey related to  entertainments.
How to get the free desktop calender:
1.Click here to go to the facebook page of johnson india.
2.Like the page and click on the baby survey tab situated on the left side bar.
3.Complete the whole survey and in end fill up your shipping details.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Participate in Kurkure Naya Pack Naya Challenge Contest:Win Lots of Movie Vouchers Daily

 Win lots of movie vouchers daily by playing kurkure naya pack naya challenge contest.this is the second contest which provides free movies tickets after Tips Wallet  ,in this contest you have to solve a simple puzzle and if you did it right then you could win movie vouchers for you know kurkure tag line"teda hai per mera hai".
How to participate:
Click here to go to the contest page.
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Win L’Oreal Paris’s False Lash Telescopic mascara (For UK Readers Only)

 Win L’Oreal Paris’s false lash telescopic mascara for you.this is a very nice free sample which is provided by l'oreal paris.they are providing only 100 free samples to the lucky ones so go hurry.
Click here to go to the contest page for more details.
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Play Sabse Bada Soup-a-Star Contest:Win Lots of iPods Daily

 Win lots of ipods daily by playing sabse bada soup-a-star contest.this contest is organized by knorr this contest you have to tell the story that when ever you have been caught between in two situations in work or simply a sticky ones.the best stories wins ipods daily.
Click here to go to the contest page.
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Get a Free Clean & Clear Calendar by Completing a Short Survey(Only for girls)

 Get a free new year calender from clean and clear by just completing a short survey based on hindi tv shows.this calender contains lots of exciting graphics and cool stickers which helps in planing your daily life have to just complete a short survey and in return you get a exiciting calender.
How to get the free calender:
Click here to go to the facebook wall of clean and clear and like it.
Click here to go to the survey page.
Note:this survey is only for girls so you can use your mom,sister or any girls id to fill it if you wish.
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Win a Samsung Galaxy Y Smartphone Everyday From Samsung

 Win a samsung galaxy y smartphone everyday from samsung,you have to just give the answer of a question a smart manner and in result you could become the owner of a coo samsung y smart phone.the question is:
I would use my Samsung Smartphone for? so give the answer smartly and who knows you win.
Click here to go to the contest page.
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Order Your Free Sample of DuckDuckGO Stickers(Worldwide)

 Order your free duck duck go stickers.this offer is specially for stickers lovers.well duck duck go is a famous search engine located in usa,this time they came up free stickers offer and they are giving these free stickers on worldwide level so every one can get it.
Click here to order your free stickers.
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Play Woodland's Love For Nature Contest::Win Lots Of Cool Woodland's Gears

 Win lots of cool woodland's gears by playing love for nature contest on facebook wall of these contest you have to show your love towards nature by uploading your pictures,videos related to the return the 3 best enteries could win exciting,cool woodlands gears.
How to participate:
Click here to go to the contest page and submit your entry.
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Order Your Free Dolly Rockers Stickers(Worldwide)

 Get your free dolly rockers stickers.these stickers are looking cool and a awesome graphics.the stickers are ver have to just enter the shipping details and the stickers reaches you soon.
How to get free stickers:
Click here to go to the order page to get your free stickers.
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Watch Hollywood Movie Ghost Rider:The Spirit of Vengeance Toataly Free

Watch hollywood movie ghost rider-the spirit of vengeance toataly free for students.this is an offer which is currently runs by pix have to just sign up on the pix movie website page,after sign up you receive the email,just take out the printout of the email along with your id card and enjoy the movie.
Details and venue of the cinemas where you can watch this movie: 
date: 17th February 2012
venues: PVR Juhu, Mumbai ,PVR Forum Mall, Bangalore,PVR Saket, Delhi at 10 am
Click here to book your movie ticket.
Note:you have to pay 30 rupees as a service charge on the ticket.
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Order Your Free Sample of Nicorette Chewing Gum

 Order your free sample of nicorette chewing gum.this sample is provided by Johnson & Johnson Limited company on their facebook have to just visit the page and like it.enter your shipping details and your free sample is just delivered to your door step.
Click here to go to the order page of nicorette.
Note:this sample is only for those persons who like to quit smoking as its not an simple chewing gum.its contain necotien which help in quiting the smoking.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Participate in Dabur Vatika Valentine Day Pledge contest:Win Gift Hampers from Dabur Vatika

 Win lots of gift hampers from dabur vatika by playing valentine day pledge this contest you have to take a pledge and write down in comment box and if your pledge got selected then you win gift hampers form dabur vatika.
How to participate:
Click here to go to the contest page.
Note:as the last date of this contest is not mentioned then hurry as the contest ends soon.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Download Mozilla Firefox 10: Free For Window 7,XP,Mac OS,Linux and Mobiles

Well as we all knows how important the windows browser for us and when the name of mozilla comes,its strikes our mind as they are more reliable and fastest browsers in the world of internet.about 70% computer user uses mozilla firefox for browsing the mozilla launches its new version as mozilla firefox 10 with increase and improved features to provide more comfort in internet browsing.this new browsers supports all the operating systems as windows 7,xp,mac,linux as well as mobiles.
Click here to download your new mozilla firefox 10 browser.
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Participate in Lifestyle Valentine Quiz:Win 500 Rupees Gift Vouchers Every day

Win 500 rupees gift vouchers every day by just playing life style valentine this quiz you have to answer a simple question every day and in return you could win 500 rupees gift vouchers.this contest is on daily basis and based on valentine day concept so enjoy.
Click here to go to the contest page.
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Participate in Essilor Eye Lounge's OPTiFOG Blindfold Challenge:Win Lots of Exciting Prizes Daily

 Win lots of exciting prizes daily by participating in essilor eye lounge's OPTiFOG blindfold this contest you have to guess the right picture which is hidden behind the fog,if you guess it right then you could win exclusive prizes from essilor are announced on daily basis so chances of wining is more.
How to participate:
1.Click here to go to the contest page and like it.
2.Click on OPTiFOG blindfold challenge tab and participate in it.
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Get Free Sample of Seven Essentials by Completing a Short Survey(Worldwide)

 Get free samples of seven essentials by completing a short survey,this survey is related to their product development and in return you could get free samples as a thanks from them.well as the name says these are energy supplements samples so get it free.
Click here to go to complete the survey and get the free samples.
Note:for indians, they must select their country as other and write their whole address in the address column.
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