Sunday, April 1, 2012

[Live Again]Get Mobile Recharge of 20,50 and 100 Rupees Free For your Mobile

 Get your mobile recharged from 20 rupees to 100 rupees totally free.all you have to do is send a message and after that you got an confirmation message weather you got your recharge or not.
How to get free mobile recharge through SMS:
1.Send the SMS to this number 8826671122 with the following text "PLY A Your name Unique Code".
2.In place of unique code you have to write a 6 digits unique number like 123456,and send this message to this number  8826671122.
3.If your number is unique then you got your mobile recharge between 20-100 rupees.if you not got recharge after sending the message then keep trying sending different unique number combination as many other users already got their mobile recharged by using unique number code.
Tricks for mobile recharge:
1.As the given mobile number is of a mobile so when you send a message your account charge for 1 rupees so for reducing your cost and make it free you can use free message sites like or
2.If you are a aircel subscriber then please don't try as they are not giving any free recharge to them.
3.Last one keep trying with different unique codes who knows when your chance comes.

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