Friday, February 24, 2012

Order a Set of 3 Packs Oreo Biscuits at Rupees 19 Only(For New Coustomers Only)

 [This Offer is Expired]
Order a set of 3 packs of oreo biscuits at 19 rupees only,there total market value is 72 rupees but due to promotional offer you can get it at the cost of 19 rupees from ebay.
product discription:
1. Manufacturing Date of Biscuits : Jan 2012
2. Expiry Date of Biscuits : June 2012
these are Oreo Chocolatey Sandwich Biscuits  which consists of a sweet, white creamy filling,sandwiched between two circular chocolate cookie biscuits.
How to order it:
Click here to order your oreo biscuits.
Note:its a promotional offer so only one order is accepted per account and multiple account will be cancelled.
Hint:you can use multiple account to order more than one pack.

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