Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Play Good Time's Hit the Jackpot Contest:Win DLF IPL Tickets,Branded Watches,t-shirts,Coffee Mugs & Miniature Bats

Win DLF IPL tickets,branded watches,t-shirts,coffee mugs & miniature bats by playing good times hit the jackpot contest.this contest is sponsored by kingfisher.in this contest you have to just match the 3 picture and if you match them correctly then you win these prizes.according to me you can win these prizes as assured because you get many chances to match the pictures.
How to participate:
1.Click here to visit the contest page.
2.Log in with facebook account and start the game.
3.Click on stop button,if the 3 pictures matches then you hit the jackpot.
4.Enter your details and submit it.
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