Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get Set of 4 Books & Pilgrims Progress Cd Worth 55$ Totally Free

Each visitor who registers for WLC Community and confirms his address,will receive the now world famous 4-volume book set gift, which has a retail value of over US$ 55. The gift also includes free first-class mail delivery to anywhere in the world. Please note also that in many instances their free gift can take up to 12 weeks to arrive depending on location.they hope that many will take advantage of this priceless offer.
List of books that you got are:-
1.Free Book “The Desire of Ages:- The retail value: $11.99
2.In the Beginning:- The retail value: $11.99
3.The Last Call:- The retail value: $11.99
4.Heaven’s Healing:-The retail value: $5.99
5.The Pilgrim’s Progress (MP3 Cd):- retail value: $15.00   
How to order it :
1.Just visit the offer page here.
2.Scroll down words and click on "join today" tab.
3.Register with your details and after that confirm your account by clicking activation mail.
4.Now you will be redirected to the mailing form.
5.Fill the form and submit it soon you received your free gift.

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