Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shop Everything @ 5 Rupees From eBay:Rs.150 OFF Coupon from eBay (For New Users)

This time ebay comes with a new coupon code which offers every one to buy any thing at rupees 5 only.the coupon is rupees 150 off on shopping above 155 rupees so you have to pay only rupees 5.this offer is for only new users who haven't shop anything yet at ebay.
the coupon is B8FR4ZCLLU.
the new users can also check their mail for new coupons.for you comfort we are providing you some product link which you can buy only at rupees 5 from ebay and if you know some other product then lets us know.

How to buy product @ 5 rupees:

2.Choose product from the given links.
4.Apply coupon  B8FR4ZCLLU to get 150 off on 155 rupees.
5.Make payment using paisapay.

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