Thursday, November 27, 2014

Beautiful Lot of 12 Dancing Tin Angels Christmas Tree Ornaments (US Only)

I have at least 6 dancing angels christmas ornaments.I like these ornaments very much actually they were given as a gift to me from my co-workers,and i love them very much.
These are really cool looking decorations and have a great rustic feel to them.If you are innovative type person then you can use them on lots of christmas decorations.Actually i have a fairy small tree and i took 4 of the angels and put them back to back and used them as my christmas tree topper.
You are going to love their country design,they are very good in size and very light so hang on the christmas tree.

If you have any doubt about the size of these dancing tin angels then don't worry as they are of a nice size about 4 inches that is great for your christmas tree or any other place where you would like to hang them.The material that used to make them is very good in quality.
The metal is very sturdy in nature and should not bend and they are available in different styles and colors.I recommend these sweet little dancing tin angels to every one who enjoys them and also the price is not very much at all.Currently they are available at HUGE discount.

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